Mildiani, Tsinandali Reserve, Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane, Kakheti 2016 (limited quantity)

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Tsinandeli is the name of the village where this wine is from. It is made by using two Georgia`s best known white grapes; rkatsiteli and mtsvane. It is subtle with good balance of fruit and mineral tones. It would make a great match to grilled fish and poultry.
Region Khakheti
Grape Mtsvane-Rkatsiteli


Appearance Straw yellow

Citrus, floral notes with a touch of oak.


Dry, medium bodied, crisp, apple and stone fruits.


Conventional viticulture

Funky Dry, refreshing, round.

Chicken, fish and salads

Serving suggestion Use a white wine glass, serve at 12-14 degrees.