Trivet at Home with Artemis Karamolegos, Santorini - 15th and 16th January

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Roast turbot tranche with braised fennel, pickled black radish and saffron ratte potatoes

Rum baba with confit Yorkshire rhubarb and Buddha’s hand citrus

(Serves 1)

With a bottle of Artemis Karamolegos,  Santorini, Greece 2018
Made with predominantly Assyrtiko grapes with a little bit of Athiri which softens the tout, steely structure of assyrtiko. Great alternative to flinty wines of Chablis or rieslings from Germany.

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*Requires cooking at home. Best consumed within 3 days of heating

Turbot: Fish, dairy, sulphur dioxide
Rum baba: Gluten, dairy, eggs, sulphur dioxide 

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